• 凝心聚力,砥砺前行 |莱斯特2020年终总结大会

    Cohesion, forge ahead|Leicester 2020 year-end summary meeting

    Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. The New Year's bell has rang, and the wheel of time has left a deep mark. The challenging and promising 2020 is gone, and the hopeful and aggressive 2021 is coming. 2021 is not only a new year for Leicester, but also a testimony of 15 years of development. On January 30, 2021, Lin Min, general manager of Leicester...
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  • 莱斯特 | 产品包装全新升级,品牌形象持续深化

    Leicester | Brand new upgrade of product packaging, brand image continues to deepen

    New year and new journey, new packaging and upgrade time to live up to dream chasers, it is another year of New Year Spring. Looking back on 2020, we will overcome the difficulties together, work hard, or be as warm as ever. Everyone has their own gains. Looking forward to the new year, people from all walks of life are looking forward to a better life, and everyone will share their wishes, share their harvest, and plan the new year and new journey. As a leader in the domestic plastics industry, Lai...
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  • 2020届防水展览会圆满结束,乐亭展位深受好评!

    The 2020 Waterproof Exhibition came to a successful conclusion, and the Laoting booth was well received!

    Today, the 3-day "2020 China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition" ended successfully. There were more than 260 exhibitors in this exhibition, and well-known brands from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, China and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of the waterproof industry, providing visitors with efficient and convenient procurement. Platform. The exhibition realized offline and online...
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  • 随着2020年防水展览会隆重开幕,莱斯特新产品成为行业亮点!

    With the grand opening of the 2020 Waterproof Exhibition, Leicester's new products have become the industry's highlight!

    The golden autumn is refreshing and the fruits are fragrant. On October 28th, the 2020 China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition hosted by the China Building Waterproof Association and supported by the International Roofing Alliance, the American Roofing Engineering Association and the German Roofing Engineering Association with the theme of "Grasp new opportunities and welcome the new future" Grand opening at the Beijing International Convention Center. The opening day of the exhibition was full of grand scenes, following the editor’s footsteps. Today’s events are at a glance...
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  • 10月28日|乐视科技2020北京屋面防水展览会,敬请期待!

    October 28 | LeTV Technology 2020 Beijing Roofing Waterproof Exhibition, so stay tuned!

    The golden autumn in Beijing, the sky is clear and blue. On October 28-30, the 2020 China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition will be grandly opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. Just like this year’s popularity, China’s waterproof industry’s first major offline economic and trade event. The industry and related people have paid close attention to the five major exhibition halls, 260 domestic and foreign companies, more than 800 kinds of latest waterproof products and...
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  • 打造行业标杆!莱斯特精细管理项目启动会议圆满成功!

    Create an industry benchmark! The Lester Fine Management Project kick-off meeting was a complete success!

    On September 18, 2020, Fuzhou Lester Plastic Welding Technology Co., Ltd.'s fine management project kick-off meeting was successfully held in the company's production workshop! Leicester General Manager Lin Min, Deputy General Manager Yu Han, Factory Director Nie Qiuguang, Fuzhou Hongbo Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Senior Advisor Chen Kun, and all employees of LeTV participated in the launch meeting to open Leicester together. A new chapter in the company's refined management. Fine management,...
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